Friday, June 4, 2010

Shaners in NYC

I know I'm behind in my blogging on life events.

I'm going to catch up soon (not that anyone really cares, haha)

so anyways, a few weekends ago our friends the Shaners came across the pond for a visit.

They brought with them of course their little guy Mason, who we had never met, so we were pretty excited. He's super freaking cute!

We babysat for them one night and it was quite an experience. While I am a seasoned vet when it comes to babysitting, I think its safe to call J a newbie. It was a treat to see him watch over Mason.

Even though Mason wouldn't go to sleep, he was perfectly pleasant. He just wanted to stay up with us. He would just sit on the couch and pat his belly and laugh and laugh. haha. totally entertaining himself.

I wasn't sure if he was a kid or an adult.

He thought Jordan was super funny. As seen in the first couple pictures of J being weird and Mason laughing.

I hope when we have kids they are as fun and adorable as Mason is.

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