Monday, June 21, 2010

girls getting down

while I have about 100 feelings about the movements/costumes being age-appropriate in this video I have to put those aside because these girls can work it.


Karemom said...

They are amazingly good!! They are super cute, but I have to ask myself why are we dressing up our little girls to look like Las Vegas chorus girls or worse and giving em the moves to go with it?? I love dance and those little girls can rock, no doubt about it...just wouldn't want my little girl up there like that. Unfortunately, there are weirdos out there, and I wonder if as a society we are in some ways encouraging them.

France is said...

oh my lord. how would it feel to be one of those girls all grown up and look back and be like... yeah i used to be able to dance.

i mean,
what if they cant move like that when they're older...
that would suck.

but that is amazing.

costumes... questionable.
but still.

incredible talent.