Monday, January 10, 2011

give said the little stream...

even though teaching the 3-4 years olds at church is hard for me sometimes there are a lot of good things about it.
one being that I have primary songs stuck in my head all day, which at first may sound like a bad thing but its actually sorta helpful.

it makes me smile to think of those little ones.

But with the new year brought a whole new batch on 3 year olds, 9 of them to be exact. I forgot how my they grow and change. 3 to 4 is a big jump.

wish me luck with the newbies...

the good news is they are just as cute.

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Karemom said...

Super cute! Are those twins in the back??? Good luck with your new group! After Robin and I substituted in the Sunbeam class here in La Costa, we had a whole new respect for you!!! Last week I wasn't there and Robin said while she told one story, three of the kids were under the table!! They do change a lot in one year though and they say the funniest things. Gotta love em!