Friday, January 28, 2011


so last summer BYU-I hosted Jordan for the Business Conference. Since he was in meetings/speaking to students I got to play with friends! It felt a little bit like going back in time. Even though Jordan and I technically met in Rexburg we really had no mutual memories there and it was fun to be there together.. to go back to campus and walk around the little town. I expected everything to be exactly the same, but it wasn't and even though we had tons of fun Jordan had to remind me that sometimes you just have to appreciate the past and embrace the future.

{easier said then done}
 rigby lake
aw. yes that's a Rameriez hat, that Jordan bought on the trip and wears a little too often.
ok so there are only a few hotel options in rexburg, but there is a little gem called the AmericInn. 
get it like American... but its an Inn. ba ha.

anyways, they have a floor of themed rooms so naturally I reserved one. Ours was rain forest. I cannot even describe it. There really are no words it was completely ridiculous and awesome and the same time.
the boys bonded
& I met baby coco
of course we did the buffet at cragio's, but I have to say New York pizza {pasty's really} has made me a little snooty when it comes to pizza.

It was so nice to be reunited with my girls in our old home.

love you xx oo


France is said...

growing up in connecticut and eating new york pizza has scarred me for life. my husband thinks brick oven is the greatest thing since forever and i hate being such a pessimist snoot about pizza but once you have east coast you can't really go back. eat some for me!

Karemom said...

So fun to see little Rexie and you with the girls!!Looks like you and J had fun returning together. I kind of miss coming to Rexburg to visit...especially mom's week! I laughed my head off seeing you in the Safari room. Dad and I had the "outer space" room when we dropped you off. When I made the reservation, I was laughing so hard at the guy on the phone I could hardly speak.( He was explaining that they only had one room left and it was a theme room.) Dad came into the room after and I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I fell off the couch laughing. He asked what was wrong and I said, "We got the Space Rocket room in Rexburg Idaho!! Who knew?? It turned out to be really fun though.

Anonymous said...

i miss you. really...