Tuesday, January 11, 2011

timing is everything

last saturday Heather, Andrea, Dawn, Melissa, and I continued a marvelous tradtion.

The Morning Movie
{goes best with brunch}

there are a lot of good things about the morning movie.
1. its only $6
2. its the perfect thing to do on a wintery day
3. its never crowded
4. sometimes it just fun to come out of a movie and still have your whole day ahead of you

so anyways last week we saw country strong and it was...


I was enthralled the entire time. I had pre-ordered the CD and so I knew a few of the songs, but after the movie I just put the soundtrack on repeat all weekend. its real good music. i already loved leighton meeister and gwen, but garret hedlund blew my mind.

so to sum it up for you: try morning movies, see country strong, and get the soundtrack.

thanks for stopping by.

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maWeesa said...

going to see it tonight!! so excited!