Thursday, May 19, 2011


I am a girlie girl through and through and therefore love all things beauty. I have been a hoarder of make-up and products long before I was allowed to wear make-up. its just a part of who I am.

My brother’s favorite joke:
Me(coming in the door from school): hey, what’s up
Matt: nothing, oh you got a phone call.
Me: Who was it?
Matt: Osama Bin Laden
Me: You’re so weird! What are you talking about?
Matt (laughing to hard at his own joke he can barely finish his sentence): He wants to negotiate chemical warfare with you because of the supply on your bathroom counter! bahahahaha

//which brings me to a totally random side note: yesterday Jordan said something he thought was much more funny than I did (happens a lot) Then he said “ I wish Matt were here to hear me sometimes, he’d appreciate”//

so back on topic... because I'm a connoisseur of beauty products a few people have been asking what my favorites are. I certainly don't claim to be an expert just want to share a few of my most loved

//which brings to me yet another random side note: I want to have a favorite things party. where everyone brings a favorite product to share my mom does it at christmas with her girlfriends and it sounds like such fun//
without further adieu 

a few of my favorite things:
armani lasting silk foundation (spf) 
the best coverage with so little make-up
blinc mascara
way better than waterproof, never EVER smudges, yet easy to take off. im telling you its magic
st ives timeless skin
fantastic night time moisturizer 
mac bronzer in golden
secret to the year round summer glow
mac blush in well dressed
very girlie, I've used it for years and always loved it
mac mascara
great two brush feature, applies thick mascara with a wand to get rid of clumps 
clarins light reflecting coverage
another fantastic coverage with little make-up, more natural look, I like it for summer
fresh soy cleanser
not kidding the best cleanser ever, gentle but still effective and smells so refreshing
rosebud balm
a tride and true, this stuff works and looks great too
loose powder
I use this to seal the deal on my foundation 
chanel eye quad in demure
basic colors that look great on everyone, so functional 
hair cream
a total life changer, give curls the a peicy look and give straight hair a sleek shine. I use this pretty much daily 
dry shampoo
another life changer especially if you have long hair

have you guys tired any of these and loved them too? share your favs!


ben and melody said...

Dry shampoo is AMAZING! i love love love it. Smashbox hydrating perfecting powder is a good one you should try someday to!

mkbruin said...

Have you ever tried shampowder? It is dry shampoo tinted for blondes, redheads, and brunettes. It is a lifesaver, especially for a traveling brunette : )

megara said...

love this post!! question - if you could only choose 3 items from this list, what would they be???

.kaitlyn. said...

if it was make-up I'd pick the armani foundation, mac bronzer, and mac mascara.

for products I'd pick the fresh cleanser, fekkai hair cream, and the st ives lotion :)