Tuesday, May 17, 2011

botantical garden

last weekend we hit up the botanical garden. it was heavenly. a perfect time of year to see everything, except the rose garden... booooo

we took the train out there.
everyone was super happy about my 3 cameras, 2 lenses, and continuous picture taking. (see happy faces below) haha

 I am a picture taker. always have been, always will be. jordan knew what he was getting into. 

its was stunning slash refreshing to be in such a beautiful place. the planning/designing/building that went into making this pretty place for people to just enjoy is mind boggling. it really made me appreciate central park too, can't wait to spend more time there with the warmer weather. I've been walking home through the park and loving every second.
 in bloom.
peony garden.
note to self: buy more peonies this spring


Whitney said...

Gorgeous gorgeous flowers! Peony's are one of my favorite flowers.

Hope you guys are doing great!

Jen said...

looks lovely! and I love peonies, too.

Veronica C. said...

You live in a beautiful place! I would be taking pictures everywhere too.