Wednesday, May 4, 2011

mc shaysherton

shay sees the big apple
the week of easter miss shalyce finally came to visit
{thanks to her sweet parents for the graduation gift}

we didn't skip a beat, I felt like shay had always been here in NYC with me.
{except when she was froze in aw before,during,and after every subway ride}
we were busy bees... I wanted to show Shay everything
good food
ground zero
{which was REALLY emotional for me. I mean of course all things 911 are emotional to say the least, but this trip really stunned me. it was intense to see things coming together down there}
 I pretty much made shay go to Pret, even thought she wanted a hot dog
 I also made here get aggressive with all the tourists for this picture, I tried to get her to climb up on the guy, but that was never gonna happen.
 we hit up the met and I took shay to my favorite exhibit 
//modern art//
 ...tiny faces...
 dont worry I got shay her hot dog
we also tore up the natural history museum
having shay-shul was a DE-light. I'm happy she got a big girl job right out of college so hopefully she can come see me more. shay is one of the most responsible, talented, and caring people I know. It was no surprise that she got such an excellent job and nobody deserves it more. I'm just glad they let her start the day after this trip!

thanks for comin shay
she also posted a much more detailed story of our trip with  more witty commentary... pop over and check it out


Shalyce said...

I just laughed so many times reading this! yes, yes, i was very serious about getting a hot dog. haha. miss you!

Whitney said...

How fun you got to show her around the city for her very first time!

I miss you friend. I feel like we haven't talked in ages. Hope all is well! xoxo