Monday, May 16, 2011

far far away

my sweet parents have been traveling in Jordan and Israel, having a real adventure, since May 6th. They won't be home until the 22nd.

call me crazy, but I still talk to my mom almost everyday. sometimes we get busy and don't talk for a week, but for the most part we chat daily. 
I love it. I depend on it. I feel a bit lost without it. 
There have been more that a few times in the past two weeks that I have needed my mother's comfort and my fathers wisdom. I know they are living a dream over there, seeing and learning about new beautiful places, but I can't wait for them to get home.

so all you moms (and dads) who worry about the day your little baby will grow up and stop needing you, stop worrying. 

we will always need you.


Ann Barlow said...

The second I saw even the top of that photo, I knew EXACTLY where they were on vacation!! AHHHH! I miss it SO much! I'm sure they are loving it and having an extraordinary experience. Who are they on tour with?

Danielle Knoles said...

Good to know I'm not the only one who talks to my mom every day! What would we do without our moms, and what would they do without their babies??

nanknoles said...

I love your Mom too! We're so lucky to have such amazing daughters. I didn't remember your parents were going happy for them. We'll do it someday too.