Thursday, July 7, 2011

here we are

I cannot believe it is already July.
I feel like I was aching for the summer to come and now it is slipping away so fast, but doesn't it always...

it rained today too. that was rude.

but the sun is coming out and I can see it shining
(along with a glimmer of hope that everything is going to work out)

tomorrow is moving day number two. which means we will pile in twice the amount of the stuff than can actually fit in our apartment, unpack it all so I can get rid of the boxes, and then try to get furniture and paint before a few months fly by.
Im anxious.hopeful.excited.nervous
{all at once}

the last few weeks I've been drooling over pictures of beautiful interiors and thinking "oh how I wish my home could look like that"  then I decided "what the heck"
 it can look however I want it. 
why shouldn't my home be any less the dreamy even if it is a shoebox? I finally have a brand new clean slate to work with and if I kills me I'm going to turn it into a place I am proud of.

for the longest time I've just whipped things together just so there was something there, with my home, my hair, my meals... my life has been a series of get it done. sure I made some things happen, but I feel like all I produced was a bunch of mediocre stuff instead of something really great. Im just smooshed together with good intentions and no patience which only makes for a big modge podge of who knows what barely sticking together.

"times are a changin"

Im on a new adventure of refining. a rededication to slowing down and doing things right. because after all
"If you don't have the time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?"  Coach John Wooden


ben and melody said...

i can't believe its july either! everyday I right the date in my patients charts I have to do a double take of the date! I bet your house is going to be adorable! You have always been amazing at decorating and such.

mkbruin said...

One of my absolute favorite quotes and my current inspiration for working on this big crafting project I'm trying to finish. Have fun decorating the shoebox! Remember how much fun you had making dioramas in school? Just think of this as an extension of that : )