Tuesday, July 12, 2011

thank goodness for the swedes

so let me lay it out for you
 apt = shoebox
selling all our old furniture = shopping time
first stop = ikea

which set the weekend up pretty nicely (see photos below):
took moving truck to new neighborhood
unloaded all our crap
ate late night pizza
unpacked some more (nice face jray)
built some stuff
more unpacking (went for some rides)
the place is still a disaster

naturally we went in for about 3 things  and we left ikea with about 79. we actually decided we need some more stuff during check-out so we took one load out, put it in the car, went back in, and did the whole thing again. by the end of it both J and I wanted to  just sleep in the showroom.

 after we got the 12 hours of ikea behind us things started shaping up and coming together.  

of course J did all the building while I did all the organizing... J somehow seemed to think he was getting away with something with that deal, but I felt the same way.

and to top it all off in the midst of the building J stopped, called to me in the kitchen and said "hey motocon (one of the current odd nicknames we've been using), I'd wouldn't want to be married to anyone but you" 
not sure why he said it or what he was thinking about, but I'll take it.

home is where the heart is

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Mom said...

oh my word. i think justin would divorce me if we spent 12 hours at ikea! haha. i'm excited that you're finally in your new place -- glad you survived that crazy move! and yes! you can make it look however you want! have fun!