Tuesday, July 5, 2011


 I saw catch me if you can with my sister-in-law & recognized the lead from gossip girl.
also saw this 
guy and LOVED him.
went with some of the gang to see hg in the hospital (next day the little angel below joined us)
when we left the hospital we discovered some punks had tried to take the combs scooter! sadly there was some damage, but lucky for us they left behind their bike and crystal ball :)
we had a lucky day when this little lady bug landed on jordan's tie while we were drivin on the scoot.
we spent some time with family
we said goodbye to our first apartment with one last bbq. I guess I'm kinda sad to say goodbye to our place now that I think about it, but don't doubt that feeling will subside once we actually get into our new home.
{home is where you make it}
& we've been enjoying summer fruit & flowers

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Whitney said...

This is terrible, but i am totally laughing over the fact that the people who tried to steal the scooter left behind their bike and a crystal ball. So random!

And you moved?! Yay! I want to see pics pronto.