Wednesday, July 13, 2011

hey, ya know what is nice...

waking up early and taking your sweet time getting ready.

this morning was so  nice:
 chatted with jordan, got a few t.i.b.s items of business checked off my list, and even curled my hair.

 too bad I suck at getting up and this whole morning leisure thing will probably never happen again. today was just a fluke.
on the other hand when you are trying to stay asleep sleep masks (see above) are the bestest. I have three and they've helped me sleep for years. you laugh but Im telling ya they are crucial.



Karemom said...

Ahh, dear Audrey! Love it...Breakfast at Ts. I need to watch that movie again!!!

Shalyce said...

you must blog more about your new home. why you moved, what it looks like, etc.

Derek & Brittany said...

Amen Sista! I hope your move is going smoothly, and you're finding sweet deals at Ikea.