Wednesday, July 6, 2011


part of living away from home (in a tourist city) means loads of visitors... not kidding we have someone here almost once a month.
in june we had justin (jordan's bother), his wife jessica, and baby owen in town.
we've loved having our family visit since we are both so far from home.
here is a photog recap of the weekend
of course we hit up soho and did some shopping. I love to find treasures... sometimes a lot of the street vendor stuff is boring, but this one had lots of good stuff!
it was a success :)
 I love uniqlo... it sorta reminds me of primark (one of my staples in londontown) hit or miss but most of the time you can get a few great gems for next to nothing
then we stopped at our fav ( la escina ) for tacos and corn. YUM
this is one of those meals that ALWAYS sound good to me... anyone else have those?
you bet I gave him a hug!
we decided to make lunch true perfection by polishing off our tacos with a toasted marshmallow shake. 
one of the best treats the city has to offer hands down.
then we walked down to washington square park to people watch and cool our feet in the fountain

owen had a ball in the water
really he couldn't been any cuter!
isn't this cool... the artist was making it out of colored sand. I was impressed.
we carried on to highline park for a little sight-seeing
after that we all walked over to chelsea market
on sunday we went to church and then to central park
owen seriously liked jordan (probably because he thought he was justin)
the weather was heavenly the whole time they were here. ok thats a lie... it was a total storm the first day they got here but it didn't cause too much damage to the plans so Im calling it good.
we toured, ate lots, played, shopped, and the boys even babysat so jess and I could go see a musical that our sweet mother in law treated us to. it was a fantastic weekend, we are so happy justin is going to USC dental school and we'll get to have them in CA!

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Ashley said...

okay. WOW. these pictures are honestly amazing. what kind of camera do you use?! Gosh, i need a vaca too!!!! :)

Jennie Moss said...

i love you tait. yous my babes.

Jennie Moss said...

love you kaiter.