Wednesday, February 17, 2010

for your consideration

ok. more brainstorming. ideas for my photo brand name.

take it. mull it over. sleep on it. feel it out. comment on it.

What flips your switch?
  • la vie (image/studio/photography)
  • raie (or re) la vie (parting the life)
ray in french
  1. ray
  2. rayon
  3. lueur
  4. raie
  5. ré
  • 73 studio ( i like it written out: seventy three studio too or studio seventy three)
  • through the looking glass (kinda long, but catchy)
  • black bow photo
  • 17 Shutter Street
  • two if by sea
  • la luce
  • shutteray


Ann Barlow said...

Kaitlyn, I like raie la vie and Studio seventy-three best. Good luck!

MB said...

I like.......17 shutter street the best

Mackenzie said...

i like shutteray and through the looking glass. but honestly, as i type it, i cannot decide!!!

Carly {Keeps it tight} said...

"two if by sea" is my fave!

megara said...

i'm loving raie la vie, and also seventy three studio. why? because studio (and then some number) I know of a few, but putting the number first is totally unique (at least to me)

love it!

oh and through the looking glass. definitely.

Karemom said...

I really like raie la vie or just la vie! I think the name needs to include photo or image, something that tells what it is. Two if by sea is cute, but doesn't say what it is.
Still like shutteray and through the looking glass. Too many good choices!

Chris and Annalisa said...

Since I outed myself last night, I figured I'd give my two cents. :) I love Raie La Vie, it's super cute. Hope you guys had a safe flight home last night!

mkbruin said...

Two if by sea or shutteray are my favorites but I also like studio sevety-three and 17 shutter street so I imagine I'm really no help at all