Tuesday, February 16, 2010

such pretty things

love this new blog find.


first of all I want this manikin in my house. since I got married I've felt a little more conservative about the uber girlie things which I love. when I was engaged my mother passed on this advice
"the bedroom is a woman's boudoir... the man is invited in."
therefore upon moving in with my dad the bedroom was promptly covered in peach. I took that advice into consideration when interior design came into play for my home, freely free to let my style show (without taking over of course). since I plan on being a stay at home mom someday I think it's only fair the bedroom can feel like my sanctuary. but I still struggled with where to hang my vintage barbie calendar. (there has got to be some boundaries right) It's not always easy to create a space that is both his and mine. seems to me that in a ideal world there would be a little his & hers. meaning a place for just me and my things (my pretty things) as well as J and his things (his man stuff). that way I can hang my framed french Vogues & AudreyH portraits on the walls and one day acquire a stunning spot^ like this to drape my treasures.

note to self: save my pennies so when the time is right we can move out of a shoebox into something that allows for a little more his&hers and just the right amount of ours.

and finally.... second of all check out this awesome blog before you do anything else.

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