Thursday, February 11, 2010

a real shutterbug now

photo from wendy schulz

so after a long year and two months I'm finally enrolled in a semester of wendy schulz and I'm thirlled. I'm very far from launching my brand/business but it never hurts to start early. so with wendy's class about to be underway in March and my enrollment at NYU almost done, its official I'm on my way. Now all I need is a name. I'm super not into just using my name Kaitlyn Ray Photography, says boring shmoring to me. My name isn't cool enough for that (sorry Jordan) and I want something more unique. So after many discussion with one of my favorite muses (the lovely Heather Warren) I've come up with a few decent options. Nothing has really stuck yet, so I'm putting it up to you guys blogging team (even though its bold for me to assume anyone but my dear mum reads these posts) I hoping and pleading for your great minds to help a girl out. here's what has come about thus far... now comment away

La Luce Images (meaning the light & pronounced la luche)
Notting Hill Frame (my favorite place in the world)
Seventy Third Studio or Studio 73 (the street we live one)
Two if by Sea
17 Shutter Street

weak sauce, i know. someone help!


Brandon said...

I like La Luz Image, or La Luche Image, not plural. I also like 2 if by sea that's cool

Brandon said...

I like La Luz Image, or La Luche Image, not plural. I also like 2 if by sea that's cool

Karemom said...

I really like Studio 73 and 17 Shutter Street. Very catchy and easy to say. Here's a few suggestions to add to the list:
I actually do think Kaitlyn Ray Photo has a nice ring to it, but if you really don't want to go there:
Kapture Design
Kapture by Kaitlyn
Through the Looking Glass Photo
Picture Perfect Photography
Shutter Bugs

Jen said...

I like The suggestion from Karemom (who I believe is YOUR mom) for "Through the Looking Glass Photo". Catchy, whimsical...and think of the beautiful graphics you could use! Also, I really like the "2 if by sea" idea. Very fitting for you and Jordan. And, once again, gorgeous graphics to use on business cards/website.

But I like "Through the Looking Glass" the best.