Thursday, February 4, 2010

i heart joy.

Again inspired by Di and her cuteness I'm making a little list myself. Things that bring me joy.

  1. carbs
  2. teen mom: season 1 & 16 and pregan: season 1
  3. a good commercial that makes you cry
  4. finishing a journal
  5. finishing a book
  6. finishing a meal
  7. the bachelor
  8. the hunger games series
  9. photography
  10. mac
  11. my iphone
  12. manicures
  13. audrey hepburn
  14. shopping
  15. target
  16. my dance workout dvds/jazzercise
  17. tomato basil motzerella
  18. shay shay
  19. blogging
  20. completely coastal blog
  21. amelia lyon photography
  22. peas
  23. raspberries and cool whip
  24. streets of NYC
  25. stationary
  26. ribbions
  27. faith
  28. the nutcracker
  29. marc jacobs
  30. all things anthro
  31. good mothers
  32. tea cup pigs
  33. london ( and the girls i lived with there)
  34. amorology
  35. my girls blog
  36. canon cameras and getting a good shot
  37. high heels, someday i'll own some louboutins
  38. going to the movies
  39. warm towels
  40. tan lines
  41. my to do list
  42. word warp app
  43. our apt
  44. breaking the binding of a book while Im reading
  45. watching tivo-ed project runway on friday night date with J

I think thats a good start for now... but there will be more


kassey said...

hello little miss katie.. I saw your plug for teen mom, and i thought it was time i let you know i've been admiring your cutesy tootsy blog for some time now.. i just can't get enough of teen mom. and wasn't the last check up with Dr. Drew a tear jerker! and that Amber, don't even get me started on her!

Larry and Kendall said...

okay LOVE it!!! #3 tottaly! Have you seen the walk for Breast cancer one?? So good! #8 OBSESSED!! Of course #18!! Love that girl!

Spencer and Sara said...

I love all those things. I wish we could spend and afternoon together eating divine foods and watching 16 and preg. love ya girl.

.kaitlyn.ray. said...

ditto. but i have been know to cry during an episode or two! don't judge